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Dynamic responsive Multi Academy Trust website, an ambitious and inclusive MAT who are passionate about quality education.

Our Solution

A new fully responsive website with an easy to use content management system, specifically tailor for the needs of a MAT and its academy schools designed in conjunction with our partner Media and Digital. 

A key was to developed a linked up solution, that shared content and information across the Trust and its academy website. These included fully integrated Microsoft 365 calendars that dynamically update the website calendars. The Trust and school sites also have a fully integrated combined News feed and Social content .

Websites for Schools & Education

Once the new site is built keeping all this information relevant and up-to-date can be a demanding task. Duo have worked for a number of years with primary schools, secondary schools and further and higher education establishments building up key insights and have developed specific tools to streamline this process. All Duo Designs services and solutions are all focused on  making the difficult things easy for our clients to achieve. 

A key task for any school is the effectiveness to communicating their message and abilities to wide range of stake holders, Governors, Ofsted, parents, teachers, pupils, users of the school building facilities, this is especially important as each of these users types wants to find out information about the school thats specific to their individual needs. 

A core component of Duo's web design process includes us assisting our schools with this organisation of information, the ideal website architecture and best practice for displaying, organising and giving controlled access to data. This is a key first step that together with each school we workout the best solution to make it easy for their website users to find what they need easily and quickly. 

Our schools can tap into Duo's experience and ability to tailor our solutions to build focused dynamic online marketing and business critical websites. 



Responsive School Website tested across all major browsers & devices

As with any web presence over the recent years, it has become increasingly important to have a site which works as well on mobile as on desktop. More websites are now loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers.

Responsive websites are built on a flexible, fluid grid that adapts and reformats to the browser or device that is rendering the website. 

Mobile is now a key user-base with Multi Device users on the internet now at an average of +60%

Visually Dynamic Image Slideshow System - engaging image call-to-action

The strength of this system is that it is easily customizable by the website editor. With each slide able to have a different image, fully editable overlaid text and specific weblink applied so the slideshow becomes a practical key call-to-action feature. 

Also there are style variations prepared so it can be used across the site as banners and within the page content areas adding real visual impact.

Dynamic Header Slideshow | In-page Images slideshow | Photo Gallery & Light-box Functionality

Integration of Third Party Applications on the HMK Website

Social Media Integration - ability to Push & Pull social content

Enhanced methods of integrating your site with various social networks.
- Integrated Facebook ‘Like’, Twitter ‘Tweet’ & ‘Share’ Buttons
- Social Links Buttons included as part of the core design layout.
- Integration of Twitter Feed - pull your content from twitter back into the website.

With  any site design process we are only to happy to give some guidance and advice on our experience of optimising social channels and integration of social platforms, tools available for optimising your time and social activity, scheduling posts, best times to post, etc. Also as a client you have access to useful resource material to help your team develop online expertise and experience. 


Calendar & Events Management - smartphone responsive  

Schools always have things going on, communicating this active calendar to everyone can be time consuming and potentially take great forethought and planning to make sure everyone is informed.

To help alleviate the efforts required, our school websites feature an inbuilt calendar system. This allows members of staff to add all their future events which can easily be flicked through by all users of the website. The system has a powerful 'Date Ranges' feature enabling website editors to setup an events which can repeat daily, weekly or monthly to massively simplify adding recurring dates.

Many of our schools add all the information to their calendar system at the beginning of the school year, the website is then smart enough to display upcoming events on the home page so everyone can see the next five events. 

Website Type

Duo CMS - Easy Edit Website

Client Location

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0HJ


Image Slideshow
Calendar Element
Social Media Integration
Google Map Integration

Launch Date

September 2017

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