DuoCMS 5

How to Add a New Page


Adding pages to the primary and secondary menu can be done with the main toolbar, by clicking the ‘add page’ drop down then select add page to main menu’ or ‘add page to section menu’ buttons. However, the ‘page settings’ dialogue is used for most page operations. This can be accessed via the main editor toolbar by clicking on ‘page settings’. Once selected, the toolbar will change to the page settings dialogue as show below.

Pages can be added to various parts of the site by using the page settings system, which is situated to the left of the panel. The new page icon above the setting box (the ‘+’ button). Clicking this will add a new blank page to the section you are in. Just as with the image folders, you are able to cut, copy and paste pages/folders in which ever section you want. When added, a page will be ‘unpublished’ , so it will only be visible to the editor, and not on the live site.




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