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Big Chip Award
For Best Business to Business Website
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Web Apps

Interact on every device
with responsive web applications
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Membership Websites

with easy to administer online communities

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Ecommerce Websites

a shop in every pocket, on every desk
with responsive ecommerce website
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Business Websites

for your professional services
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Shopping Centres

responsive websites designed for your
shopping centre
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Years in Business

Clients Since 2002

Websites Developed

Duo Web Design, Manchester

Since 2002 Duo have been designing stunning easy to update websites and web applications for clients within Manchester and around the UK.

In the last 20+ years we've built a focused team of talented and passionate web designers and developers. Helping hundreds of companies and organisations realise their full potential online.

Click below to find out more about our multi-award winning web design team, or take a look around our site to see some of the exciting projects we've worked on.

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