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Content Management

Overview Duo CMS (Content Management System) is in it's fifth incarnation as Duo CMS 5, In active development since 2004, the system has undergone a recent rewrite to make it more flexible and performant for the modern web. We utilise our CMS system for most of our websites and web applications as it provides us a high level of customisation to achieve the best balance between performance and ease of use for our clients. Below are just some of the ways our CMS system can help you manage your

Event Calendar

Many of our schools and shopping centre websites like to show off upcoming events. Having a small on-screen calendar to show off dates and events can be a really nice way of getting users to engage with what's coming up. Viewing Events Visitors to your site can view your upcoming events, or chose a specific month or day to see what is happening on the chosen date. Clicking on an event, from the list, creates a small pop-up which can be populated with details of the event. It is also

Hosting & Backups

We currently manage the hosting of all of the websites and web applications we build. This end to end service ensures that you have one point of contact for all your website requirements. Cloud Hosting We host all of our sites with a selection of cloud server providers. Because our clients are UK based we store all their data here in the UK, but benefit from the resilience large cloud providers are able to offer. Using the cloud makes it much easier to scale up our hosting in-line with our

Document Management

All of our content managed websites have built in document management. File Management Tools upload files create folders rename copy cut paste drag and drop onto page and many other features you'd expect from an online file management system Support for Many File Types The system allows you to upload any file type you wish. However we have put in place specific icons for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and PDF. Information Panel and Access Permissions The info panel allows you to view the

Members Area

Secure Login Our members areas are often designed with a simple pop-up login. This has the advantage of working well both on desktop and mobile devices. We typically advocate using emails for user names as this makes them unique to each user. Forgot Password System It's not uncommon for users to forget their login details. To aid with this issue, our logins typically come with a forgot password system. When clicked, the system will ask for their email address. If their email is found on your

Responsive Web Design

One Set of Content, Many Screen Sizes Typical websites now get over 20% of their traffic from mobile phones, some much more. Having your content work well on a range of devices is now a real necessity of the modern web. When starting a new website we encourage all of our clients to have their site developed in a way which works well on all devices. Allowing text and images to reformat themselves in a way which makes the content readable on many screen sizes. Responsive Images Auto Resized on

Editable Slideshow

Control Your Key Messages Using a slideshow as the main banner area of your homepage allows you to shout about the key benefits of your products and services. As these no doubt evolve over time, being able to update this feature within your site can be very important. Perhaps your company is exhibiting at a tradeshow next month, or your school has just attained the best exam results for a generation, whatever the reason, if you want to let me know, it's imperative you have control. Editable

Photo Gallery

A photo gallery is simply a grid of images, allowing users to click on them to see a larger version popped up. The pop ups typically have a next and previous button to allow users to flick through the photographs. The photo gallery is edited in the same way as the slideshows, allowing you to add, remove and re-order existing images. Captions can also be added on a per image basis if more information on each image is required. Photo galleries are useful, as in the example above, to show off

Google Maps

Easy to Create, drag and drop on to your page Our Google maps tool allows you to easily embed a map into any page on your site. This is ideal for showing off the location off your regional offices. Custom Styling to Match the Look and Feel of Your Site We tweak the colours of your map to match your corporate look and feel. Tweaking the map colours in this way helps to tie the map in with your website, emphasising your corporate identity and making your site feel more professional. Help

Social Media Integration

To effectively market your organisation its often a good idea to put your message in-front of your customers, instead of waiting for them to visit your website. Social media is an ideal platform for this. However it can take more time and effort to keep all of your social media up-to-date. To reduce the burden of this, we offer a number of services which help push out the content from your website directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts automatically allowing a single update to be

Postcode Search

Working with numerous membership associations, we've been tasked with creating postcode searches on a number of occasions. The above example is WaterSafe . WaterSafe forms a national scheme of approved plumbers. The scheme is backed by 6 of the UK's largest water suppliers and the "Water Industry Approve Plumbing Scheme" (WIAPS). The search system has around 6000 plumbers across the country. The map shows those nearest to you by converting your postcode to a longitude and latitude, then


Having a professional e-commerce website, that users engage with, find easy to use and most importantly trust, can prove to be a key to a successful online retail experience. At Duo our in house developers thrive on building bespoke e-commerce solutions to help sell a wide variety of products, with an equally wide variety of integrations. Read on for more information on existing deployments and how they integrate with billing, dispatch and analytics systems to complement our clients existing

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