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Duo CMS (Content Management System) is in it's eighth incarnation as Duo CMS 8, In active development since 2004, the system has undergone a recent rewrite to make it more flexible and performant for the modern web. We utilise our CMS system for most of our websites and web applications as it provides us a high level of customisation to achieve the best balance between performance and ease of use for our clients. Below are just some of the ways our CMS system can help you manage your website content.

Edit Any Page With Ease

The underlying philosophy of Duo is to make technology accessible. To this end our CMS system makes editing pages as simple as 'click', 'type', 'save'. See the video demo opposite.

Easily Manage Images

Images are easy to upload, resize, rotate and layout within the site. We use image optimisation technology when uploading your images to compress them as much as possible without loosing quality. We also utilise a number of techniques to auto scale the images when used on smaller screen devices. These techniques combined mean you rarely need to worry about the loading speed and performance of your site.

Through our simple file management interface it is possible to create folders, rename files and copy and paste images as you would on your computer. Deleted images can also be 'undeleted', incase of mistakes.

Stock images are also just a click away, with a number of integrated free stock image services. The built in image editor allows you to crop, rotate and tweak the colour balance of your images.

Quickly Add and Update Web Pages

Pages can easily be added, deleted, cut, copy and pasted around the site via the pages settings panel. Changes to the pages settings are immediately reflected in page content so you see and respond to any issues created in page layout. Any deleted pages can also be recovered and mistakes can be reverted back to a previous version to allow you to recover from any mistakes. While creating a new page it can remain unpublished. The red line at the top of the page is a reminder that the page is currently only visible to site editors. Once complete your page can be quickly changed to published so the rest of the world can see your new creation.


Built upon node.js, a modern server side javascript runtime backed by Google's V8 engine. The content management system is the backbone of most of our websites and web applications. All the front end interfaces are built using the svelte javascript framework.

Many of our in-site components have been recently redeveloped to use the latest web-component technology, using that to wrap svelte giving us easy to re-use custom elements we can drop in a page.

Notable Cases

Detailed explanation here...


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