Event Calendar

Many of our schools and shopping centre websites like to show off upcoming events. Having a small on-screen calendar to show off dates and events can be a really nice way of getting users to engage with what's coming up.

Viewing Events

Visitors to your site can view your upcoming events, or chose a specific month or day to see what is happening on the chosen date.

Clicking on an event, from the list, creates a small pop-up which can be populated with details of the event. It is also possible to link a page to the event so more details can be shared. Each event can have multiple event times allowing it to appear in the calendar. 

Editing Events

When logged into the content management system, the interface for the events calendar is very similar, however you get a number of additional buttons for adding events, editing events and deleting events. There is also the ability to publish and un-publish events allowing you to decide when the event should be added to the calendar.

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