Editable Slideshows

Control Your Key Messages

Using a slideshow as the main banner area of your homepage allows you to shout about the key benefits of your products and services. As these no doubt evolve over time, being able to update this feature within your site can be very important. Perhaps your company is exhibiting at a tradeshow next month, or your school has just attained the best exam results for a generation, whatever the reason, if you want to let me know, it's imperative you have control.

Editable Text, Links and Images

Each slide can be designed with a number of text areas to allow you to add content that both you can edit, and the search engines can index. These text areas are flexible enough to allow you to insert links and change the text format used within them.

Slides can easily be added, reordered and removed.

Responsive for Mobiles Devices

The slideshow works the same as the responsive images within your site, so images are resized to the appropriate size for the device they are being view on.

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