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Duo work with a number of national and international membership organisations and associations, helping to develop their online communities. 

Sharing information, communicating and propagating data helps members to gain insights, work and push forward their industry as a whole.

Below we outline some of the features and technologies we deploy within these sites and how these benefit members as a whole.

Postcode Search

Helping to market your members is often a key goal of a successful membership organisation. When your members have services in common, allowing them to be found by a general internet audience can help them attract many more customers than their individual marketing efforts would allow.

Our postcode search system works by geocoding each member who chooses to be listed, converting their postcode to a longitude and latitude. When a website visitor enters their postcode, this is also geocoded and the distances are calculated to find the nearest supplier to them.

WaterSafe opposite represent many of the countries water suppliers and list all their approved plumbers (around 6000). The search works with postcodes, but also allows filtering by specific services. The system also lists the names of individual members of staff, so consumers can confirm the approval status of each plumber.

Membership Discounts

Membership organisations can create extra revenue by selling back to their membership. To encourage an increased membership we have worked with Nafems (International Association for the Engineering Modelling) to enable them to have specific member based pricing for all their products. 

They mainly sell research documents and events around their specific discipline. Members in many cases receive a very substantial discount, sometimes making the product free.

The documents are downloadable, but watermarked containing the downloaders email address to help protect against copyrighting issues.

Members' Forum

Members of an organisation often get many of the benefits of membership from each other. The shared knowledge and specific insights each of them have can be of great collective value.

Members' forums, when managed well, can help nurture this inter-member communication to give greater value to all, without any great deal of effort on the part of the organisation's staff.

They work best when they have a focus.  BBTS (The British Blood Transfusion Society) use their forum to allow discussion amongst their enrolled students, giving them a place to ask questions and discuss topics around their education.

Member Contributed Content 

Allowing members to market to each other can be a big benefit. They may offer different services or want to invite other members to their events. A number of our membership organisations allow the members to cross promote events, products and share news.

Many sites allow members to post job vacancies. As their web audience are all interested in their industry they have a good chance of getting qualified applicants, especially compared with more generic job sites. As a free membership benefit it can be a valuable addition to the other benefits the organisation offers.

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