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Web Apps

HTML5 and modern Javascript now enable us to create complex and sophisticated applications that work in the web browser. This almost ubiquitous platform allows your customers to interact with your application on a wide range of devices, from the most powerful desktop, right down to a portable media players and smart phones.

Below we delve into some of the apps we've developed, highlighting some of the unique features which are possible with todays web technologies.

Customisable Dashboards

Many apps require a quick way of getting to commonly used functionality. Within the intranet system we created for Manchester Central, we added miniature versions of much of the functionality as dashboard widgets.

These can be customised per user to allow them to prioritise the features they use most often.

We also created widgets for quick glanceable information including elements to show off the current time and weather.

Data at your fingertips

Responsive web applications allow access to your data on any web enabled device. For "cyclobase" this means they can access and update their bike maintenance records, view their parts bin and generate services from anywhere, including their phones.

Virtual Learning Environments

Web-apps aren't just there to inform, they can also be used to educate. MathsWatch's virtual learning environment is used to teach maths to children in around 2,000 schools across the UK. 

The VLE includes a video player, homework manager and interactive questions. The sophisticated question and answer system allows students to type and draw their answers. The VLE then marks these answers based on criteria set out by the question creators at MathsWatch.

This HTML5 app replaced MathsWatch's previous flash based player. Utilising HTML5 means this VLE works on most web enabled devices.

Custom Database Systems

A custom database allows you to store and manage data for a wide variety of applications. 

The system pictured here is the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). Their system has a wide range of functionality. It's chief purpose is to manage the registration and testing of all materials and components used within the UK public water system. This included the creation and sending of letters and certificates for over 20,000 products. This system sits as the back end to their website, allowing the public and plumbing professionals to test the validity of parts before their use in connection with mains running water.


Examples of Our Web Applications


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