Mersey Travel - CyclingWorks Portal

The Portal & Members area tools were specifically designed to support, promote and increase cycling in Merseyside. 

This free online web app will help and encourage you to ride your bike more often, log information about your cycling journeys and set personal goals.

The cycle trips logged on the website are updated by the user so that you can track progress, enabling them to monitor the money they’re saving by cycling, as well as the bike miles clocked up the calories burnt and the CO2 saved.

CyclingWorks Portal Responsive Design for use on Tablets and Mobile Devices

People can join as individuals or as part of a network of companies and organisation, who have an org profile with combined users and statistics

The updated system includes new features like OAuth social sign-up and Stava integration so you can quickly add trios recorded via Stava at the click of a button.

The user interface allows users to build their profile review activity, add trips all with bespoke integrated google map features to plot your trip from postcode to postcode.

Challenges between organisations is also now possible on the latest iteration, allowing Mersey Travel to set the parameters for the challenge and who is included. So fro example they compete to see who can save the most carbon, or do the most miles done in a set period.

Website Type

Duo CMS - Fully Editable Website & Cycling Application

Client Location



OAuth Sign-up - making it easy and use your social details to register

Individual & organisation User management

Organisations Database & Directory

Organisation Profile ( links to users )

User Profile ( links to related organisation )

Money  |  Calories  |  CO2  |  Miles  |   breakdown of your Trips
Add trip data
Dynamic Trip Graph - filterable by trip type, month & year
Full User Profile
Sync data from Strava with single click process
Doughnut Charts illustrating overall trip division
Bespoke Google Maps integration ( includes postcode trip plotter )

Dynamic Charts Integration

Challenges System

Launch Date

Original design & development - June 2012
Update to fully responsive - June 2017

Website Address

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