Manchester Deaf Centre

In partnership with Media and Digital, Duo were tasked with creating a dynamic website for the Manchester Deaf Centre.


It was made clear to Duo that MDC were looking to refine their booking processes within the site while also making it more cohesive as a single point system. To this effect Duo produced multiple variations on our booking system to account for the different requirements within the site.

MDC came to the decision that they wanted to utilise the booking system by integrating an online payment element. This would offer a more complete user experience as they could book and pay for the room / appointment at a single point of use.

Weekly Booking Reports are able to be downloaded from the site as well as email notifications to the MDC team when a booking has been made.




Fully Editable Responsive Website
Image Slideshow
Keyword Search
Frequently Asked Questions
eNewsletter System
Room Booking System
Course Booking System
Communication Support Booking System
1-1 Support Booking
Weekly Booking Reports
Secure Members Area & Registration Process
eLearning - Online Courses Resource Data
Members Area Activity and Statistics
OAuth - Social Login Registrations
eCommerce / Online Payment System
Reviews / Star Ratings
Social Integration




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