DuoCMS 5

How to Edit a Page Path


By default, pages will be given simple pagepath names of page1, page2 etc. However, for ease of access, it is often a good idea to give pages a path which people will remember. The BBC often do this with links like www.bbc.co.uk/history/.

To change your page path like this, you need to change the page path textbox in the page settings. You should only ever change what appears between the last two slashes. For instance, in order to change the news story page path from / news/page1/ you should only change the /page1/ text. The /news/ part of the path is the name of the page’s parent. Also, you should not use any spaces in your page path names, as many web browsers don’t like this. In fact, the only punctuation you should use are dashes ‘-‘ and underscores ‘_’. So you could change /news/page1/ to /news/man_falls_off_roof/ but not to /man falls off roof/. In addition, each page path must end with a ‘/’. If you follow these simple rules everything will work correctly.




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