E-Commerce Website Pricing

See below some example prices and related features for E-Commerce websites developed with Duo Web Design.

Basic E-Commerce Website

Simple Site, Perfect for small businesses

From £4,999
Fully Editable Website
Smartphone-friendly, Template Based Design
Your Business Colours and Logo
Online Payment System

Standard E-Commerce Website

Excellent Online Retail Solution

From £6,999
Fully Editable Website
Built in SEO Tools and Google Analytics
Smartphone-friendly,Bespoke Website Design
Online Payment System
Slideshow System & Product Galleries
Postcode Search
Social Media Integration
Help with adding initial content

Premium E-Commerce Website

Fully tailored E-commerce Solution

From £12,999
Fully Editable Website
Built in SEO Tools and Google Analytics
Smartphone-friendly, Bespoke Website Design
Online Payment System
Offers System
Slideshow System & Product Galleries
Ratings and Review System
Postcode Search
Social Media Integration
Help with adding initial content + Photography
Members Area, with user administration
Email System, to keep members up-to-date

All Duo CMS E-Commerce Websites Include


In page text editing tools
Table editing tools
Form tools
Listing Tools
Image editing
Document management
Page properties
Slideshow Editing Tool
News Management
Spell checker
Web link tool
Video Addition Tool

Addition and integration of content – approximately 20 pages 

We like to add the initial site structure and around 20 pages of content. Although this is not entirely necessary as you can add your own pages, we often find the process less daunting for our clients if they have a base to start from. For this reason you will need to have a lot of your content ready fairly early on. This content will also help with the design and template programming.

Feedback / Contact Form – information request

General Web based feedback forms will allow users of the site to email staff@your domain.com. We recommend you use a form instead of publishing your email address on your website to prevent ‘spammers’ getting your details. Also, with our system your administrators have the ability to create their own feedback forms. The form editor means that you can add form fields (name, company etc), types of dialogue box (single line, dropdown, checkbox’s etc) meaning your administrators can create any type of form you need anywhere on the website.

Accessible To All

Duo CMS is web standards compliant, which means our system is programmed to conform to W3C standards. These standards are used to decide how screen readers and other assistive technologies work. This helps to make our system accessible to all. If our guidelines are followed in the programming of your site and the addition of content, it is easy to keep your site as user friendly as possible. The web is one of the few levellers for the disabled; with Duo CMS keeping it accessible to all, it is simply a breeze.
No customers are turned away when sites are built for all.

Optimised for Search Engines

Duo CMS has search engine friendliness built in. Search engines like to look around your site, and our content management system lends a helping hand by making your content as easy to index as possible. Each page has a customisable page title, keywords, Meta tags and page path; so you can change these to suit the search terms you would like your website to appear under. This allows you to effectively manage the Online Marketing of your site.
All of our sites come with web statistics by default, so we know just how well our sites do. Many of them rate highly on Google, MSN, Yahoo and other major search engines. At present, many of our websites get literally hundreds of visits a day from around the world; a recently launched site is regularly getting in excess of 3000+ visits a day.

Google Analytics integration (on request)

In order to get detailed statistics to your website one option is to monitor site usage via google analytics tool. Duo CMS has a module which allows us to add the appropriate reporting system to each page of your site. When visitors arrive at these pages google is sent through data regarding these users. You will then be able to log into your google account and look at detailed data on trends regarding your visitors.

Website Hosting

2.0GB of Space and 20.0GB per month bandwidth. Including Website Statistics, daily / weekly backups and server setup for high availability. Space and bandwidth can be increased on a demand basis. As our content management system requires a specific server configuration, we host all of our content managed sites. We offer a competitive hosting solution, which has a high availability and 24/7 monitoring system in place
The hosting setup is completely flexible so can be adjusted up or down as required.

Technical Support

Any teething problems with the site (i.e. problems of our creating) will be corrected free of charge, obviously this does not include any lack of features we have not quoted for. Any additional support will be charged at our hourly rate at the time of request.

Training for administrators

The self-editable website allows you to modify the existing site - and with some practice - to add pages and upload new images and files. A full set of notes is provided with the editor to help you achieve this, these are also available online with the help facility being accessible while you’re editing. We are also available by telephone during working hours, if you need any help. Due to our systems ease of use and intuitive interface, it often takes just one hour to teach a user the various features and elements within the DUO CMS system. This leaves approximately an hour of supervised practice of the system. We provide training for a single user/small group as part of the cost of the site; however this may in the future be replaced by online video tutorials.

Access to Online video Tutorials

You will get full access to a suite of Video tutorials and resource materials. All the videos are split into simple task based tutorials, each video only lasting a couple of minutes each. 

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