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Update: Following our recent success in winning at this year's Big Chip Awards, MathsWatch are finalists in 3 categories at the 2017 Digital Entrepreneurs Awards. This is a fantastic achievement and we wish them the best of luck!

Case Study - MathsWatch Virtual Learning Environment 

Although extremely popular, the previous solution was a purely video based learning resource originating from a DVD distribution business model. MathsWatch realised that to stay competitive in this sector the product needed to evolve and become a more complete Maths learning environment.

This video learning resource was to become the foundation for the new VLE, here are some of the key limitations that had to be overcome to increase and maintain business but also to keep inline with the changing technologies used online within web browsers.

Previous system limitations included -

- Flash based Solution - not a future viable or cross platform
- Limited statistics feedback on schools or student interaction
- Self hosted server video resources
- Excessive hosting overhead
- Issues with ongoing management and addition of new schools
- Creation of classwork, homework and tests were all done via printable worksheets
- No automated marking, was marked by teacher

Removing barriers & delivering quality learning 

In collaboration with MathsWatch we have developed a complete Mathematics learning resource and online learning environment with a massive potential to scale their solution for more schools.

The aim was always to remove as many barriers for users as possible, these centred around inclusivity of device types and also minimising access restrictions, this has paid off in terms of the sheer level of engagement at almost any time of day or night.

- Used actively in over 2500 schools in the UK - 1.4 million users
- 70,000+ logins per day ( growing daily )
- 2500+ concurrent users
- 13.8 million answers ( in the first 6 months )
- 84.2 million page-views ( in the first 6 months )

Streamlining processes & winning business with industry disruptive capabilities

The User management system has increased scalability by making it easier for MathsWatch to integrate new school data, to manage and migrate existing schools data as students move through the school and education.

By giving MathsWatch the tools and ability to create and evolve a complete curriculum focused set of work tasks, this makes it quick and easy for a teacher to pick and choose from. Allowing them to construct a tailored lesson plan, homework task or even a test for the class of students.

These work tasks can include a subject video explanation / video lesson, with related questions of various types and formats to deliver a varied and complete learning experience to the students ( multiple choice, number responses, full drawing answers, etc ) all of which has automated answering for instant user feedback. We also developed a simple matching language to allow MathsWatch to set questions with full text answers. This matching system allows them to award points for the inclusion of certain information within the answer with varying degrees of flexibility.

The Government's exam changes for 2017 mean there's not going to be an easy option for GCSE Maths any longer. All of the exam papers now consist of a mix of question styles from short, single-mark questions to multi-step problems.

Prior to the creation of our new MathsWatch platform, it is our belief that no product covered the answering of these multi-step Maths problems – these are the very questions that students find so difficult and, hence, need to practice the most. They also deliver the most marks in an exam. 

Ken Smith at MathsWatch“Working with Duo Design we have developed a system that can take a written answer to a multi-step problem, analyse that answer and allocate marks just like an examiner would. By pressing ‘submit’ after each line of working, it is also possible for students to get immediate feedback on their ideas for solving the problem – a basic feedback loop is started which helps them move forward to their ultimate goal of a correct solution.”

“We are now the only company with the complete package of video clips and genuine exam-style questions for every Maths topic on the syllabus – sales evidence tells us that we are the preferred solution to providing that vital Maths educational support to teachers and students for over half the schools in the country. This market share is growing.”


This ability to set an end to end class session has become an invaluable set of features for schools especially when mathematics teachers are in limited supply and importantly still enables the schools to deliver quality lessons with reduced subject specific cover.

Since deploying the new system MathsWatch has already seen schools favouring their system over any other Maths related tools due to the new solution's extremely high quality maths learning resource combined with the industry disruptive capabilities it has to offer.


Allows students to autonomously login and work through assignments set by their teachers. A key aspect was that the system had to require almost no instruction in terms of the students using it, so there has been a big investment in the design and ongoing refinement of the user interface with the various processes giving feedback and direction as assignments are completed. This helps both MathsWatch and the school by massively minimising effort to create the work tasks but also in the time required to support and assist the students in completing their learning.


Controlled pre-validated requests from over 2000 schools and their 1.4 million students. 

This is done through the controlled and layer management of feedback from students and schools. To help manage enquiries in a constructive and ordered process MathsWatch only deal directly with the 2000 schools not the 1.4 million individual users, allowing the school admins to either independently solve or validate the enquiries before referring onto MathsWatch.

Many teachers have contacted MathsWatch with their extremely positive feedback.

“Just want to say thank you for this great resource. Just finished an after-school revision lesson with Yr 11. They love it, I love it and my team love it.”   
Lilian Wiggle, Head of Maths at Challney High School for Boys

“Can I say how much we are enjoying your new online version of MathsWatch. All of our students have iPads and your new system has been so easy to administer and get the children to use – within 30 minutes. I am no IT expert (quite the opposite) but have had no issue in setting tasks and using your system.”  
Janet Renof, Head of Maths, Stroud School

“I just want to say thank you to all of you for all of your hard work on the new system. It’s brilliant! Parents were very impressed at the parents’ evening and all the Maths teachers are chuffed to bits with the resources.”
Kathryn Ross, 2nd in Maths, Abbeywood Community School

“At MathsWatch, we believe we are developing a system which is generating new business and, crucially, gives us the confidence that we will retain our customers for the long term.”  
Ken Smith, MathsWatch 
Find out more and visit the MathsWatch VLE

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