Duocms8 now has Chat GPT Integration

Writing website content can be a daunting task for many people. It requires a combination of creativity, research, and technical skills to write content that not only engages the reader but also meets the objectives of the website.

At Duo we’re always eager to try out new technology and make it available for our clients to use. With that in mind we’ve been messing with the Chat GPT. We’ve kept our initial integration pretty simple. Just type a paragraph and click the chat GPT button. The response from the Chat GPT servers is streamed straight into the page.

So Why Use Chat GPT to Write articles?

Erm, I’ll let Chat GPT explain…

As an AI language model, GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has been making waves in the field of natural language processing, with its ability to generate human-like, coherent text. It has been widely used in applications like chatbots, language translation, and even writing articles.

Using GPT to write blog articles is becoming increasingly common and for good reasons. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing chat GPT to write blog articles:


Writing a blog article requires significant amounts of time, especially when you need to research, fact-check, and organize your ideas. With chat GPT, you can save time by automating the writing process. You can simply input the topic you want to write about and utilize the GPT to generate the blog article's content. With GPT, you do not have to worry about writer's block, fatigue, or the time it takes to write an article from scratch.

Accuracy and Consistency

One of the most significant advantages of GPT is its ability to analyze huge datasets quickly and accurately. It can analyze a vast amount of content and match up various segments of text to create a cohesive, logical flow, and consistent tone. GPT can quickly tailor the writing to your specific requirements by analyzing your writing style, tone, and voice. The AI chatbot can then generate content that is accurate, consistent, and tailored to meet your needs.

Diversity of Ideas

With GPT, you can keep up with the latest trends and events in your niche by using real-time sources of information. Utilizing the GPT can help you generate diverse and creative ideas, allowing you to offer fresh perspectives on trending topics in your industry. You can input prompts into the GPT and get a range of ideas on how to write your blog article.

Higher Productivity

By utilizing GPT for writing blog articles, you can increase your productivity, taking on more writing projects, and finishing them in record time. The AI-powered chatbot can quickly generate high-quality content in lesser time, leaving you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business or earning income while keeping your blog relevant.

Overall, utilizing GPT for writing blog articles is an innovative and effective way to keep your blog updated with fresh, high-quality content. It reduces the writing burden, increasing accuracy, productivity, and providing a diverse range of perspectives on trending topics. As an AI technology, it's continuously evolving and improving, and it's an essential tool for any modern-day content developer.

I deliberately haven’t edited any of the above generated content. However I’m sure you can see it’s not terrible. It has used US english spellings all over the place which I’d probably fix. Some of the issue with length, style can be fixed by customising your prompt with clues as to what you want.


Things to Note

The more information you prompt Chat GPT with, the better the outcome. In the example above it just invents an email address and domain. It also makes up features (which although sound good) don’t actually exist. So reviewing and editing is certainly necessary. However as a way to generate ideas for writing an article it can be an invaluable tool which will hopefully save our clients lots of time.


This feature is currently behind a feature flag in Duocms8 (v8.0.129). We’re looking to enable it for a few clients and see how they get on before defaulting it to on. There is a small cost for the API usage, so we just need to evaluate if that’s something we need to pass on to clients, or is something we can absorb. We may also change the way the system works, perhaps separating the prompt to its own window and giving options to help inject style choices, or writing types.

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