Google Analytics Data Available Inside Your Website

It's difficult, while running a business to keep up to date with everything you need to keep your website running along smoothly. To help aid this we're pushing our content management system forward to allow it to channel data from lots of sources into one place. Having only one login, and one place to go can be a great time saver. 

Google analytics integration is one way in which we are doing this. Many of our clients spend very little time looking at their analytics data. There are many reasons for this, some of the issues are:

  • Google analytics is complex and they're not sure how to navigate around the interface
  • The data they are presented with is not always 'understandable' to them
  • They simply forget to go there
  • They're not sure of their analytics login, or it's only available to someone else within their company

To combat the above issues we've added a panel as part of our new DuoCMS 6 product. This includes very easy to understand information, including:

  • A List of top pages, with number of visits per page
  • Number of visits per country and which web browsers are being used
  • Number of page views per day and a direct comparison with the same day 1 year ago
  • A click through overlay, allowing pages to be displayed to show which buttons are clicked and how often

All the above stats are controlled via a date range picker so specific time periods can be shown, but by default the system shows the last two months.

Although the panel doesn't come close to showing the breadth of data Google has to offer, it does give a very good glanceable interface to help web site owners get a feel for how well their site is doing.

We plan to add more features to the system over the coming year, including keyword analysis to help create actionable information for web site authors, especially regarding 'search engine optimisation'.

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