HMK launch new website

HMK have worked with Duo to develop a fresh & dynamic, device responsive website, powered by our latest DuoCMS 6 system

We're pleased to announce the launch of HMK's latest website. HMK are a UK leader in automation solutions and the supply of components and parts to various industries, with a wealth of engineering experience for end to end solutions.

HMK have been worked with Duo for over 10 years and this is the third incarnation of their main website which we has been developed over the past few months. 

Responsive Website

As with any web presence over the past few years, it has become increasingly important to have a site which works as well on mobile as on desktop. 

HMK provide a large number of products via their website, including detailed technical descriptions of many thousands of components. Making this information quickly accessible on mobile devices involved developing a deeply nested interactive menu, allowing users to drill down to the product they need. 

Onsite Keyword Search 

In addition to the navigation, finding products via search was also a major consideration. Searches can be preformed both on mobile and desktop. Each search defaults to showing products available matching your search terms. 

An additional tab is also available to search the rest of the website. As HMK are very focused in offering information on their very extensive range of components, it was important this search focusses in on the products.

As the site is fully managed in house via Duo's content management system (CMS), the search index is updated immediately when a page is updated. Unlike Google's search, this instant update means HMK can author content and immediately check it appears under their internal search for appropriate terms and tweak if necessary.

Third Party Integrations features a number of third party integrations including:

  • Mail Chimp Sign up, for managing email marketing with their clients
  • Twitter - pulling through HMK's latest tweets
  • Zoho - chat integration for real time interaction with their website visitors
  • Google Maps - custom styled, showing the location of their two UK Offices
  • Reviews - Fully integrated reviews system, both within the website layout and using an iframe layout.

Fast and Secure Website

One of the key features of DuoCMS 6 has been speed and security. We've started using the crystal programming language for it's high performance. In addition we've spent time refining the content delivery to make best use of web caching and setting up protection against many modern web threats.

These features include:

DuoCMS 6 is in continuous development and there are a number of features which will no doubt make it into keeping it a relevant and powerful marking solution for many years to come.

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