Moving Office

23 August 2021

Back in 2018, we out grew our office in Media City and decided to take a leased space around the corner at the school house in Trafford Village.

The office was much more spacious and allowing to grow more easily.

Due to the COVID pandemic, as with many other companies we all started working from home. For our developers this proved to be a big help. It allowed them to work uninterrupted by the noise and distractions of an open plan office and avoid the often busy and slow commute in every day.

Since moving back into our offices a few months ago, many of us still liked the flexibility of working from home a few days a week. Due to this new setup we've decided to adopt a more hybrid solution, move back to Media City, taking a smaller office and allowing our staff to 'hot desk' on those days they need to come in. The new space also has ample meeting rooms allowing us all to get together regularly to discuss project work and meet with customers.


Due to contactual obligations and building schedules for our new space, we'll be all working from home from September 2021 until the new year. In the new year, all being well, we'll be moving into the brand new office space at MediaCityUk.

We're in the process of moving our phones to a voip solution, so our number has changed from the old 0845 number to a 0161 883 1856. In person meetings are still very rare for us, so discussing work on Teams / Zoom / Google Meet etc and all of our communication and project management solutions are online so we don't envisage any issues going forward. Also during this transition period our address will be changing to a PO Box, which we'll be publishing shortly.

If any other contact details do change, we'll update our website and customers as soon as it becomes relevant.


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