main newsletter interface

DuoCMS6 Newsletter System

Our new newsletter system allows you to:

  • Build subscriber lists via double opt-in signups within your website.

  • Manage your mailing lists from within your website.

  • Create lists based on specific criteria with our 'smart groups' feature.

  • Allow users to easily unsubscribe via links inside each email.

  • Give detailed stats on each newsletter sent including totals:

    • Sent

    • Received

    • Bounced

    • Unsubscribed

  • Search a list of users based on the above categories.

  • Edit the newsletter using the same tools you use to edit your website.

  • Use specially programmed templates to send your newsletter, which format well in all major email programs.

  • Use automatic style inlining, and auto format the code to help with common bugs (usually found in Microsoft Outlook)

Integration With Our Sales Tools

We're currently working on a range of  real-time sales tools. The newsletter system tags each link, so users who follow links from your newsletter to your site can be identified in your sales stats. After sending a newsletter, you can actually enable the interactive chat system and welcome visitors to your site, offering help as they arrive.

For more information, or a quick demo on DuoCMS6 and our newsletter system, contact us here.

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