We were approached by Frontier PR ( a client & partner ) regarding a project they had just undertaken with FairHeat, an energy consultancy based in London.

FairHeat is an energy consultancy with a mission to get the best out of the UK’s heat networks, saving heat network operators and their residents, money and resources. Founded in 2015 by leading heat network innovators, FairHeat’s knowledge and experience enables it to take an uncompromising approach to reducing capital expenditure and increasing system efficiency.

This site was built on a Wordpress framework as the internal team had experience and expertise in using this system. Using a modern responsive design & layout with integrated slideshow, Google map, blog and search functionality. The website has been created to showcase information on how FairHeat use their unique insight, massive sector and industry experience to best specify new heat networks and maximise efficiency from exiting systems.

Website Type

Wordpress Website

Client Location

Stoney Street, London, SE1 9AD


Social Media Integration
Google Map Integration
Wordpress Blog
Keyword Search

Launch Date

February 2016

Website Address


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