Website Type

Duo CMS - Easy Edit Website

Client Location

Manchester, Petersfield, M2 3GX


Responsive Intranet Design ( for desktop, mobile & tablet interfaces, via a bespoke drag & drop widget style dashboard interface )

Intranet User management & User Permissions System
- Online User Database
- Members Area / Intranet
- Multiple Editors

Team - Dynamic Staff Directory & Contact Cards

Full Alerts system

Fault Report & Help Desk 

FM Tools - Audit & Maintenance scheduling
- Asset Register
- Maintenance Schedule
- Maintenance Log

Documents Store - Permission controlled Document Management System 

Health & Safety - Incidents reporting System

Suppliers Management System
- Registration 
- Documents
- Customer Reviews & Feedback
- Approvals Checklist
- Scheduling Review Process

Integrated eCommunications System

Microsoft 365 & One Drive api Integration

Launch Date

Updated 2016

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