RU Clear 

Fully Responsive, eCommerce Ordering System for the NHS

This project by CMFT (Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) is a bespoke service offering at home STI testing kits. We worked with Media and Digital to produce a fully editable website with bespoke features to allow visitors to the site to search for local clinics, find out information on sexually transmitted infections and securely order at home testing kits using our e-commerce system.

RU Clear - Easy Edit Website Design in Manchester

Responsive Website Solution using Duo's Fast and Secure Crystal CMS

One of the key features of DuoCMS 6 has been speed and security. Refining the content delivery to make best use of web caching and setting up protection against many modern web threats. 

As with any web presence over the past few years, it has become increasingly important to have a site which works as well on mobile as on desktop.

This fully responsive content managed website gives massive levels of customisation , that work seamlessly across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.


Encrypted Data - an essential requirement for sensitive data

Encrypted Data - an essential requirement for sensitive data

Buying kits for sexually transmitted infections is obviously a fairly private matter. It was important to us and RU Clear, when developing this site to make sure the personal data of those involved was only visible to those who needed to access it. To this end we developed a system using public/private key encryption, similar to that used when connected to a site with HTTPS. This means any information added to the site is encrypted in place with RU Clear's public key, but can only be decrypted offline using their private key. The site, and us as developers have no access to this private key, rendering the information secure until the information is decrypted offline at the RU Clear Offices.    

Secure fully responsive eCommerce website for NHS


Many of the products on the site are free to order for users in specific postcode areas, when they fall into specific age groups. 

If this is not the case, the site integrates with Paypal to allow customers to order the tests, and pay securely online.

Postcode Search - Instantly find help at your local clinic

The site has a bespoke postcode search, with Google map integration to allow visitors to the site to find their local clinic / pharmacy where you can get a home testing kit. The search shows the closest clinic within a set parameter that can be altered to suit the site visitor. Once shown you can click on one of the clinics shown, the map will then zoom in on the chosen clinic and offer directions on how to get there.    

Additional Requests

After going live RU Clear came back to Duo to request an additional version of the form that could be integrated into clinic and partner websites. Partners preferring to use RU Clears wealth of experience in this field and their technical expertise to help deliver great service and online solutions to other locations in the UK.

Features include

Duo CMS - Easy Edit Website

Client Location

Central Manchester


Image Slideshow
Social Integration
Keyword Search
Bespoke 'Request a kit' Form
Full E-Commerce System
Postcode Search
Google Map Integration
Dynamically Generated Sitemap
Login Area
'Hide Window' Functionality

Launch Date

March 2017

Website Address 


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