SimBest ( Simulation and Modelling Best Practices ) is a funded project partly undertaken by NAFEMS, Duo were tasked with developing a dynamic Web Application in relation to the Project.

Innovate UK funded this project to gather and disseminate best practice in the use of simulation and modelling tools for engineering design. The online web application was to illustrate these findings and continue this gathering of qualitative data from a wider audience of engineering design organisations.

This Web Application has a bespoke Multi-element Questionnaire with interactive statistic outputs that dynamically illustrate the results using a combination of interactive graphs and charts all based on the answers given by users completing the questionnaire. Allowing users to visually compare their results to those of industry contemporaries, with the ability to fine tune result on factors such as specialism, organisation size etc.

Website Type

Duo CMS - Easy Edit Website

Client Location

Hamilton, ML3 6AS


  • Bespoke Multi Element Questionnaire
  • Bespoke Statistics Output
  • Keyword Search
  • Members Area
  • Google Map Integration

Launch Date

July 2016

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