Responsive redesign & upgrade to latest Duo CMS  

In 2016 WaterSafe came to Duo Design to completely revamp and implement a new fully responsive website. This process reviewed the design of the site, full content and features review to highlight areas to enhance and increase the ease of use for the site viewers.

WaterSafe is a dedicated online search facility bringing together thousands of qualified contractors employed by plumbing businesses from the seven existing Approved Contractors’ Schemes across the UK. The aim is to help customers to find the nearest qualified plumbing and heating professionals in their area and promote water safety in the home and for businesses.

The Scheme is funded by the water industry and is free to use. In order to be featured on the WaterSafe website, all contractors must be a member of an Approved Contractors‘ Scheme, ensuring they provide a quality service. Costs for becoming a member of an Approved Contractors’ Scheme vary, but for a qualified contractor, they are an effective way of reaching more customers.

Trusted contractors who are members of an existing Approved Contractors’ Scheme have the option of joining WaterSafe and becoming part of the biggest water sector group in the UK.

Website Type

Duo CMS ( Content Management System ) - Easy Edit Website

Client Location

Pen-Y-Fan Industrial Estate, Oakdale, Gwent, NP11 3EH


Responsive Design
Image Slideshow
Call To Action Elements
Keyword Search
A-Z Directory
Postcode Search with Segmented Data
Customer Reviews
Blog Integration
E-Newsletter System
Sitemap / Google XML Sitemap
Members Area / User Permissions System
Multiple Editors
Online User Database
Social Media Integration

Launch Date

September 2016

Website Address


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