Wellgate Shopping Centre

Responsive Shopping Centre Web Design

Responsive Shopping Centre Web Design - Wellgate Shopping Centre, Dundee

Shopping centre websites really prove their worth when they work well on mobile. With the increase of web use on mobile now overtaking desktop at around +70% on average. Over the past few years 'responsive websites', with a flexible layout adapting to different size devices have become the accepted way to publish your content online.

So for Wellgate shopping centre in Dundee we have created a dynamic website that works well on mobile saving lots of time, effort and money by having one central source for all information about the shopping centre, often because of the sites ability to be quickly updated with offers and news it removes the need for additional printed guide leaflets and other marketing materials that become quickly out of date.

With the fully integrated user database and eNewsletter System the centre can also proactively distribute news and updates to it sign-up users.

Social Media Integration has also been put in place with automatically updates social media platforms as they update the website. so they update the site and this dynamically and positively adds to their social profile and level of online activity. 

Website Type

Duo CMS - Easy Edit Website Content Management System

Client Location

Dundee, Angus, Scotland, DD1 2DB


Fully Responsive design / layout
E-Newsletter System
Image Slideshow
Social Media Integration - RSS Feed & DLVR.IT

Launch Date

September 2013
August 2016

Website Address


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