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Building a Software as a Service business, or replacing an in-house tool with a bespoke online solution can be a very worthwhile and ultimately profitable endeavour, however web apps, are by their very nature impossible to give definitive pricing on. We have worked on numerous online applications, some for small closed networks, other receiving literally millions of logins per month. 

All our developers are permanently employed, based in our offices in Manchester. At the time of writing, our daily development rate is £560 per developer, per day. Depending on their complexity bespoke web app development costs have ranged from anywhere between a couple of weeks (£5,000) to many months or even years of continuous development (£90,000+).

If you'd like to develop an online application, then best thing to do would be to contact us either via our  contact form, or call Andy Rose on 0845 026 3628.

We can then assess your requirements and put some estimates in place for the work you require. 

With new products it's often prudent to pin down the MVP (minimum viable product) and develop that initially. Then build upon it as the required features become apparent. Starting small and growing as the need arrises can be an affordable and efficient way of creating a new product which meets the requirements of you and your customers allowing you to learn and adapt as you go.

If you're looking to re-develop and existing product, it'd be wise to look to remove all but the core 'necessary' elements for the first stage. Also identify the key failings and successes of the current product allowing us to move you forward without sacrificing any needed feature, removing current issues and making the most of our time and yours.

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